You are…

  • Running a retail product business...
    feeling like you are on a bit of a hamster wheel and don't have a clear strategy to build on?
  • Want to see the profit potential of your products but don’t know where to begin or have the right tools to help you?
  • At the point you want identify more opportunities for your business...
    but you need a clear strategy, sales and marketing plan to make it happen?  
  • Your spending so much time working IN your business...
    that you have no time to work ON your business and you need to stop being the 'employee' in your business to grow it?  
  • Not in a position to spend thousands on a business consultant...
    but want the knowledge of someone who has been there and done it?
  • Ready to put in the work AND transform your mindset...
    to help you create the life and the business you want by working smarter not harder. 

Well you are in the right place, we are Ami Rabheru, and Laura Harrison, and we have just the thing for you...

Passion for Product is a unique retail training program which takes you through the journey of the retail product cycle by two retail experts Ami and Laura.

The program will take you through how to build a retail strategy, using our unique 9-Box Retail Strategy method which will take you from being confused in your business to finally having a clear road map to take your business forward, giving you the BIG retail business skills as you go along the course.

You will learn the very fundamentals of how to plan your product, sales, marketing and sourcing strategy. You will learn how all these areas feed into one another to create a 9-Box strategy for your business whilst maintaining the customer at the heart of your business.

It takes a combination of having all the areas of a retail product business perfectly aligned with each other to truly build a successful healthy product business and when you are already wearing so many hats - you just can't be an expert at everything.

Being on this programme, will literally mean that we have you covered from from all angles...Between the two of us we have over 40 years retail experience in buying, merchandising and retail marketing, having worked for the biggest retailers on the high street; M&S, Next, Tesco and Argos to mention a few... we are BEST placed with our insider knowledge to teach you the BIG retail business skills you need to effectively Start, Grow and Scale a retail product business.

The program will take you through our unique formula of the 9-Box Retail Strategy which follows the Retail Product Cycle, with all jargon explained and easy to follow step by step modules.

As part of the program you will receive an amazing range planning excel spreadsheet tool which you can start using straight away. It comes with the calculations already written for you that allow you to build your product range, check your profit margins and mark ups and organise your products in a way that allows you to review and take action and keep track on your spending and buying budgets. It will literally be the bible of your business and you will never lose track of stock and sales in your business with this amazing tool.

Further more, It tells you what stock commitment you have and measures that show how hard your products are working for your business so you can build on your strengths and phase out your weaker selling products. More importantly, these measures show you what you could promote and create cash flow with to keep your business moving, track your sales, your stock and your success which you need for a healthy, more profitable product business.

The Value of this spreadsheet alone is £495!

This course is for you whether you are thriving right now or have been left a little disconnected with your business through the pandemic.

With more and more businesses coming to market and with retail changing at such a fast pace - can you afford to be left behind?

Pricing Options

Passion For Product

  • 9 modules delivered instantly so you can work through them at your own pace
  • Incredible range planning tool to help you get clear on your stock commitment, your option count, order quantities, profit margins and cash flow to keep your business moving this tool alone is worth £495.
  • Retail expertise between the two experts 40 years plus
  • Downloadable workbooks, excel spreadsheets, price calculators

One time payment £497 (Best Value)
Monthly pay plan x3 payments £175

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Order Summary
Passion for Product

Order Summary
Passion for Product

Why us?

Ami Rabheru - Retail Business consultant 

Hi, I'm Ami. Founder of The Retail Business Hub and the Passion for Product™ program. I'm passionate about product and even more passionate about helping productpreneurs® achieve their goals.

I've spent 20 years as a retail buyer working for some of the biggest names on the high street. During my time I have been responsible for multi-million pound budgets, launched 1000’s of products and have built sourcing and product strategies which in turn have grown market share and most importantly, grown revenue and profits.

Since leaving my corporate career, I have been on my own entrepreneurial journey, building my very own niche fashion brand. During this time I have collaborated and worked with so many fellow small businesses, and realised the difficulties and struggles they go through. After a very successful first round, I'm excited to be relaunching the Passion for Product™ program.

Laura Harrison - Retail Merchandiser

I'm a retail industry specialist focusing on bringing corporate practice to small and independent businesses and helping them develop their potential and strategy in cash flow and product management. I also specialise in emerging leadership training and career development in this sector.  

My background and experience in overcoming obstacles has helped mould me into a confident, straight talking mentor and sponsor, who is never afraid to be an authentic and honest. I have run large teams with big sales and profit impact achieving senior leadership status in one of the biggest general merchandise retailers in the UK maintaining great cash flow and driving strategy and change.  

I have supported many individuals over my career to realise their potential and gain promotions, within my own teams and others. This and helping small businesses scale up fulfils my purpose of giving positive impact for those who want to do more.more.

What people say about us......

What people say about the course...

Passion for Product totally blew me away. 

It is jam packed with useful information, tools and templates which you can immediately implement into your business. 

These tools really help you understand your business and highlight where you need to focus.

It is rare that as a small product business you get  the experience and expertise of these lovely knowledgeable ladies in this field.

I would recommend this course to any product business wanted to take their business to the next level!

Sheetal Vithlani - Owner - Vintage India

"I am thrilled to have joined the first round of the Passion for Product course, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about building their product business.

I’d say that the golden nuggets for me at the stage of business that I am, were having the excel range planning spreadsheet which is really going to help me plan my ranges better and understand the financials in my business. Laura was great in supporting everyone in making the most out of the spreadsheets she provided.

I absolutely loved the online visibility module as it really resonated with what my next steps are for my business and there were some great lessons learnt about what I need to be doing better and helped me with my overall online visibility strategy. As a fellow ex buyer, it was great to be able to build my range in our one-to-one session together with Ami and talk through my ideas with her.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the range building module and Ami had some great nuggets for me on how to build an effective product strategy. I never felt that I couldn’t ask a question and I felt fully supported by all the experts through the entire course. Thank you.

Keri Jamison – Director – Kerikit England

“I joined the Passion for Product just at the start of lockdown. Great timing for me and my business as I had just started carrying out a stock take for Black Qubd.

Going back to the basics, understand more about my customer and products all helped me with planning the coming months. Ami’s knowledge (and patience) has been incredible but it also was a bonus to have Laura who complemented Ami to bring her wealth of retail knowledge to the course.

I’m much wiser with my product selection, profit margins and selling format. The knowledge I gained allowed me to put a plan in place for a stock clearance sale where 80% of the stock sold within 12 days.

I highly recommend the course and putting in the homework. My recent sales is literally ‘proof in the pudding.’

Thank you to Ami for introducing the course to me.”

Harri Dhokia – Owner – Black Qubd

“The Passion for Profit program has been instrumental in changing the way I run my business. Over the years, I've spent time and money, seeking advice from experts, but I never quite felt it specific enough for a product business.  Then Ami came along and along with her fabulous team of experts - Laura, Shelley and Pamela, I knew this course was exactly what my business needed. I felt as if I'd discovered a secret that very few people knew about and the content was certainly not just stuff you could find on google! 

This course has transformed my business. It's enabled me to ask myself the right questions, apply the right strategies and plan my financials confidently. I now feel I have the right knowledge and tools to grow my business. My mindset has shifted significantly, I have a clear roadmap towards my goals and can confidently communicate my brand to a customer I now have a deeper understanding of.

I found the course thoroughly enjoyable and the insider knowledge about the product life cycle totally blew me away!  It’s like walking into a big retailer and having access to all the secrets and behind-the-scenes tools retailers use to source, plan, buy, sell and market their products. Totally recommend this to anyone who wants to grow their product business.”

Harjit Sohotey-Khan – Director – Jewelled Buddha

"Having discovered Passion For Product on Facebook I organised a call with Ami to discuss how it could help our family retail business and within minutes of the call starting I knew I had to sign up!

Passion for Product came at the best possible time for those of us in retail at the start of the COVID 19 lockdown and I can’t even begin to imagine where we would be right now without it. Huge thanks to Ami and your amazing Team"

Sarah Payne  Director – Sheepgate Equestrian

Think about this; how would it change your business if you knew exactly… 

  • How the big retailers strategically plan, source, market and sell their products? 
  • What tactics they use to manage risk and turn a profit? 
  • How to source and manage their suppliers?  
  • How to price and decide on what quantity to buy? 
  • How to sell and market online? 
  • How to develop your mindset and think of your business as a BUSINESS? 
  • Have access to retail experts which would normally cost £1000's?  

  Building a product retail business can be daunting, especially when you don’t know where to start.

Starting with a basic business plan means nothing if you don’t understand the fundamentals of running a product retail business. 

Over the 9 modules you will learn… 

Module 1
Find Your Customers

Place your customer at the very heart of your business! It's time to get a deeper level of understanding on who you serve so you can elegantly convert them into buyers not browsers!

Module 2 - Build Your Perfect Range 

Time to get creative and build a commercial product offer for your ideal customer. In this module you learn how to validate your product ideas and the key metrics on how to build a balanced product strategy.

Module 3 - Know Your Numbers

Plan your sales and stock with confidence so you know what you want to achieve. Track your progress using the range plan tool and use the metrics to decide what looks good for your business so you can make the right decisions.

Module 4
Pricing for Profit

Lead with First Price, Right Price. You've already done the work to create an amazing product range, now lets go deeper on how to build an effective pricing strategy anticipating your customers needs and desires and studying your competition. 

Module 5
Love Your Suppliers

Suppliers are a key part of your business and sourcing has changed! Learn how to create an effective supplier strategy, tactics to managing performance and identify opportunities. 

Module 6 - Nail Your Marketing Strategy

Learn the key elements of building a knockout retail marketing strategy and position your brand in your industry by identifying and learning how to keep track of your competitors.

Module 7 - Build Knockout Promotions

Plan and run promotions like a pro in your business. Build them into your marketing and sales plan so that they are no longer a brand-damaging, 'scatter-gun' approach in your business.

Module 8 - Get Your Products Visible Online

Too reliant on pop up shops and physical retail and you need to shift your focus online? Learn the key strategies to driving traffic online organically and staying consistently visible to your ideal customer. Inc Email Marketing

Module 9 - Deliver Your Financial Plan

Putting all of the 9 box pieces together into a workable plan that tells you what you need to do when to make the sales you want to achieve whilst keeping an eye on the metrics.

Once you've made your secure payment you will get instant access to the course and downloadable assets. Please note that if you choose to pay in 3 instalments, you will get the course delivered over 9 weeks.

What you get........

  • The full course of pre-recorded online training sessions so you can watch when you like with lifetime access to all the modules
  • Incredible knowledge off two retail experts delivering the course
  • Downloadable workbooks, spreadsheets and calculators


Pricing Options

Passion For Product

  • 9 modules delivered instantly so you can work through them at your own pace
  • Incredible range planning tool to help you get clear on your stock commitment, your option count, order quantities, profit margins and cash flow to keep your business moving this tool alone is worth £495.
  • Retail expertise between the two experts 40 years plus
  • Downloadable workbooks, excel spreadsheets, price calculators

One time payment £497 (Best Value)
Monthly pay plan x3 payments £175

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