The 9 P's to Approach, Pitch and Sell your Products to Retailers.

By Ami Rabheru

Do you have a product that would be perfect for wholesaling to retailers?

Has wholesaling your products to big retailers and independents been something that has been on your to do list for a while, but you just don’t know where to start or how to go about approaching and pitching to them?

Maybe you don’t feel confident on what they will expect from you or how to price your products for wholesale and what sort of margins to offer the retailers for  your product category?

Perhaps you've started selling wholesale and now you are ready to SCALE with a clear plan of action so that you can make the consistent revenue from your business and finally get off that hamster wheel and grow your brand presence?

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Why Wholesale?

At some point, every product business owner will face the dilemma of how to scale.  Whether you’re opening another brick and mortar location, doing extra markets and pop up shops on the weekends or adding yet another 3rd party marketplace to your income stream which you really don't have more time for….the question is the same for everyone:

"How to grow your business and increase revenue when you only have so many hours in the day?"

One of the simplest ways to scale a successful retail brand is to sell more products!  Of course it is easier said than done and yes if you are serious about selling into retailer – especially retail chains – you really do need to prepare your business and products to be ‘retail ready’ as you will only do have one chance to get it right.

This FREE guide takes you through my 9 step signature process so that you can learn what it REALLY takes to be retail ready!

WHY me?

Hey, I’m Ami, I teach productpreneurs® building retail brands, the action steps to approach, pitch and sell into retailers.

Having worked for some of the biggest retailers on the UK high street; M&S, Next, Tesco to name a few. My corporate career spans almost 20 years and during that time I have been responsible for multi-million-pound budgets, built sourcing and product strategies.  Most importantly, I have also been pitched to 1000’s of times and I know first-hand what retail buyers look for in a new product or brand! 

I am now obsessed with teaching brand founders and empowering them with the knowledge of the BIG business skills they need to know to start, grow and scale a successful retail product brand.

My unique 9 P's process that I teach on my Scale with Wholesale® program helps founders to confidently scale their business with the insider knowledge that I share of how to be successful to approach, pitch and sell into retailers.


Ami Rabheru

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