Approach, Pitch and Sell your products wholesale to Retailers.

By Ami Rabheru

Do you have a product that would be perfect for wholesaling to retailers?

Has wholesaling your products to multi-chain retailers and independents been something that has been on your to do list for a while, but you just don’t know where to start or how to go about approaching and pitching to them?

Maybe you don’t feel confident on what they will expect from you or how to price your products for wholesale and what sort of margins to offer the retailers for  your product category?

Perhaps you've started selling wholesale and now you are ready to SCALE with a clear plan of action so that you can make the consistent revenue from your business and finally get off that hamster wheel and grow your brand presence?

Sound's like you? KEEP READING....

Why Wholesale?

At some point, every product business owner will face the dilemma of how to scale.  Whether you’re opening another brick and mortar location, doing extra markets and pop up shops on the weekends or adding yet another 3rd party marketplace to your income stream which you really don't have more time for….the question is the same for everyone:

How to grow your business and increase revenue when you only have so many hours in the day?

One of the simplest ways to scale a successful retail brand is to sell more products!  Of course it is easier said than done and yes if you are serious about selling into retailer – especially bigger retailers – you really do need to prepare your business and products to be ‘retail ready’ as you will only have one chance to get it right.

  • Brand Awareness -  by creating strategic wholesale partnerships with established brands within your niche, you can leverage the relationship to get your product into the hands of more customers.
  • Enter new markets with less risk – Expanding your business to a new territory or country comes with a series of associated costs and risks.  Finding another retailer with an existing presence and supply chain in a new market can help reduce the risk of national or international expansion.
  • Economies of scale – As wholesale involves you buying in bulk, direct from manufacturer. You’ll save money and make more money as with more units you can get better cost prices which will also help your retail margins, and the options of flexing your manufacturing becomes broader.

Selling wholesale into retailers is 80% strategy, 20% selling. 

Once you’ve nailed the HOW, the DOING is a breeze…

Program outline...

Scale with Wholesale® is a 9 week program which breaks-down the exact steps you need to APPROACH, PITCH and SELL your products wholesale to online and bricks and mortar retailers, both multi-chain and independent. Whether you are at the very beginning of your journey or you have already started your wholesale business, my unique program EMPOWERS brand founders with the knowledge to scale their businesses into retailers of all sizes with CONFIDENCE.

PEOPLE - Module 1

Understanding of the people involved in the whole process so that you can truly place them at the heart of your journey is key to B2B selling.  

It's all about keeping your customers at the heart of your business and central to every decision you make. Understanding the journey of the end user and where they are likely to not only shop, but also discover the buyer in your product category is is an important first step of getting yourself and your business organised for selling to retailers.

PLACE - Module 2

Retailing is about being in the right place with the right product at the right time.  That fundamental of retail has never changed. So, arming yourself with the knowledge of how retail buyers PLACE their products in the market will help you to align your offering with the retailer and their goals

We start with the 7 key decisions you need to make before you even plan your distribution strategy and the learn the essential steps you take to create a strong USP and strong brand positioning - whether it's mass market or luxury the key principles are the same.

PRODUCT - Module 3

Learn what it takes to be 'retail ready' and what buyers really expect from your product, in particular the packaging and what they will need to know about where and how your goods are produced and sourced including what you need to know about retail ethics and environmental trade and what you need to get clear on before you pitch.

Create a professional buyers pack and sourcing pack - with templates and examples included so you can hit the ground running.

PACKAGING - Module 4

Packaging can be one of the largest elements to your cost price and so it becomes just as important as your product to get this right.

Everything is about packaging when it comes to retail and you'll learn the key ingredients that make retail packaging great!

You'll also learn about the secondary and tertiary packaging requirements that you'll need to consider and what that means for you.

PRICE - Module 5

Build your pricing strategy to give you the confidence to build a truly scalable profitable wholesale business. Learn how retailers’ price their products and strategies of how you can optimise your own margin for profit and growth.

The only factor that influences your bottom line is ensuring that you have strategically priced your products so that you can maximise opportunities to make more money.


Promotions are a fundamental part of a retailers strategy and so they’ll want to know your marketing and PROMOTION PLAN.

Learn how to build a promo retail calendar for your business and use it as art of your presentation to optimise opportunities to sell more and make more money! If the retailers business is good then your business is good – so this is a really important element to not only the retailers strategy BUT also yours!

PROCESS - Module 7

Gain an understanding of the key elements of how processes work in a retail head office will be a key element for you to build your own processes and manage your supply chain, your production with your factory and logistics to ensure you can deliver on your commitments is a key element to your success.

This also gives you the opportunity to evaluate the resources that you may need to put in place from the outset to ensure things run smoothly behind the scenes.

PLAN - Module 8

Whats a goal without a plan? An introduction to the BUY PLAN excel tool provided where you can keep track of the orders, be in control of your spend and manage delivery dates for both your retail and wholesale business.

Plan your approach and find buyers contact details and learn the systems and processes and best practices to managing your supply chain to delivery.

PITCH - Module 9

The final element which ties the program together. To be successful your pitch needs to be targeted and effective. Pitching to a retail buyer is not simply an elevator pitch, but goes much deeper. Learn exactly what they want to know and how to handle questions and objections with confidence in a face to face meeting with the buyer.

Everything you learn through the program will empower you with the knowledge and give you the confidence to approach and sell into retailers and pitch your products.

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Ami Rabheru

Why me?

Hi, I'm Ami. Founder of The Retail Business Hub and the Scale with Wholesale™ program. I am a retail business mentor and product strategist helping retail brands and SME's to start, grow and scale their product businesses.

I've spent 20 years as a retail buyer working for some of the biggest names on the high street; M&S, Next and Tesco to name a few. During my time I have been responsible for multi-million pound budgets, launched 1000’s of products and have built sourcing and product strategies which in turn have grown market share and most importantly, grown revenue and profits.

Since leaving my corporate career, I have been on my own entrepreneurial journey, building my very own niche fashion brand. I have been privately coaching brands on how to scale into retailer chains and now that I have a proven method, I have finally launched a program which can be scaled to help even more founders to confidently scale their business with the insider knowledge that I share of how to approach, pitch and sell into retailers.



“This program has been a game changer for my business. The knowledge and experience which Ami shares is incredible! It has given me the confidence and knowledge to finally make wholesaling to retailers happen for my business. I felt supported by Ami in our one-2-one sessions and I now feel empowered with the skills and knowledge to take my business forward and reach my goals.”


What clients love about previous programs

"I am thrilled to have joined the first round of the program, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about building their product business.

It was great to be able to build my range in our one-to-one session together with Ami and talk through my ideas with her, She had some great nuggets for me on how to build an effective product strategy which helped me get clear on my product strategy."

- Keri Jamison, Director Kerikit England. Bought Passion for Product in March 2020

"...I felt as if I'd discovered a secret that very few people knew about and the content was certainly not just stuff you could find on google!  

This course has transformed my business. It's enabled me to ask myself the right questions, apply the right strategies and plan my financials confidently. I now feel I have the right knowledge and tools to grow my business. My mindset has shifted significantly, I have a clear roadmap towards my goals and can confidently communicate my brand to a customer.

I totally recommend this to anyone who wants to grow their product business"

- Harjit Sohotey-Khan, Director - Jewelled Buddha. Bought Passion for Product in March 2020

"The program totally blew me away.  It's jam packed with useful information, tools and templates which you can immediately implement into your business. 

It is rare that as a small product business you get  the experience and expertise of of a retail expert who has been there and done it. I would recommend this course to any product business wanted to take their business to the next level!

- Sheetal Vithlani, Owner - Vintage India. Bought Passion for Product in August 2020

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