I do hope you are all well and staying safe?

Is it just me or is everyone else seeing this word too much – all over social media?


Okay okay, I admit I’ve used it before – but I will never use it again as the truth is….a lot of small businesses CAN’T do this.

Given the current pandemic, this word is all over social media and I’m seeing it so much now that I’m literally getting sick of it.

​I feel like it puts a kind of unreasonable pressure on people and makes one feel that if they don’t “P” then they are likely to fail or they won’t come out of the other side of this…

​Anyone else feeling like this?

​What does Pivot actually mean anyway?

​Turn, spin, revolve or rotate in a different direction!
Whilst I agree that new opportunities can open up when different needs arise – it’s not for everybody!   
Adapt, yes. Take action, think out of the box, innovation and re-strategise – YES TO ALL

​Times are stressful as it is an often a simple way to deal with the problem in hand first is the most sensible way.

​This brings me onto this….A couple of weeks ago I opened up my diary to my group and email list. I was truly humbled to see how many of you took me up on my offer for a chat – Many of you used that time to just strategise, as a burning question, use me as a sounding board or to brainstorm ideas with.  Lots of you came out of the session feeling motivated, and re-energised and those of you who had lost your way, the conversations sparked ideas or gave you a little nudge in the right direction.

​Here are just a couple of testimonials I had from the calls which I was truly grateful for, so thank you 😊

​“Thank you so much for your time it was really helpful and has inspired me to get out there a bit more with social media”

​“I’m so glad I spoke to you; I had been feeling completely lost and now I feel inspired to take control and roll my sleeves up” 

​Having the “real” conversations made me realise that most of you are focusing your efforts on your current needs and not focusing on pivoting at all!

​So, I called upon my business buddy Laura Harrison, of LH Retail Development, and we got our heads together to see how we can help you right now.

​So, we have found a solution that helps the majority of small businesses whom I have been speaking too in the last 3/4 weeks…. Shift Your Slow Stock is back. This time in a 2 week comprehensive 4 module course and I’d love to tell you all about it, so I have opened my diary up once again, if you’d like to book a FREE call with me to hear more about it or ask any questions, then please feel free to book a call.
We have some amazing testimonials from the last time we ran this in February (as a challenge) and you can read them all here.

The course starts on 28th April 2020 and we would love to have you on board if you are needing to learn some simple buy effective strategies to shift your slow selling stock online.

Have a great weekend

Speak soon x


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