Inspire. Empower. Educate

A community membership especially designed for ambitious retail product brands to start, grow and scale a profitable business.

The unique combination of community, mentoring and masterclasses gives you access to retail expertise at a SUPER affordable price, so you can continue to do what you LOVE whilst feeling inspired, empowered and educated with the retail product expertise you need to help you keep moving your business forward.



  • You know that you just can’t wear ALL the hats required to run a retail product business. 
  • You are left feeling overwhelmed with ALL the conflicting advice out there, mostly from listening to generic business advice that only speaks to service based businesses
  • Searching, googling and jumping from one free group to another in search for the holy grail has left you feeling frustrated and wishing you had someone's brain to pick when you just need the answer to that one burning question
  • You feel like your business is sucking all the creative energy right out of you, especially  when you stumble across a problem, and you just don’t know where to find the solution.
  • Not in a position to spend thousands on a business consultant but want the knowledge of someone who has been there and done it to help you on your journey. You want to be part of a community full of other ambitious productpreneurs® on the same journey to share your experience with.

I’m Ami Rabheru, and I’ve got just the thing for you…

My brand new membership focuses on 6 core retail business pillars; 

Planning, Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Process.

It is a unique membership which combines community, mentoring and monthly masterclasses to create a supportive space as you start, grow and scale your retail brand.  

It is NOT a content led membership where you are left overwhelmed by a stream of ‘how to’ videos thrown at you week after week.

Instead it focuses on specific content around the 6 pillars in the membership where the ‘success path’ is a clear road map for you to follow.

Product businesses are unique...

...because the physical product goes on quite a journey before it even reaches the customer….it starts with an idea, then you have to validate that product idea, source suppliers, price your products, create spec packs, manage factories and suppliers….after dealing with all the logistics, you then you have to pop your sales hat on and turn marketer, customer service, website developer...oh and then you have to get your business visible!

The list goes on, but I'm sure you get my drift...

You just can’t wear ALL the hats…


The unique membership has been designed with the 6 P’s pillars in mind, Planning, Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Process which helps drive your product brand forward as you start, grow and scale whilst always putting your customer at the heart of your business

When you join the hub you will be invited to an on-boarding call with me to understand which stage of your business you think you are at in these 6 key areas.  

Each month a new module and workbook is released and you will be given specific actions depending on what stage of your business you are at so you never feel like you have to do everything straight away.  

This method will enable you to track your progress in each area from where you started to where you ended.

You’ve put your heart and soul into creating or curating the most amazing range of products. Now you need some help and you know need strategy to launch and market your products to the big wide world! 

You have gained some traction in your sales and now you are ready to up your game and make bigger plans for your brand.  As you grow the rewards become bigger but so do the risks, and you need to build a strategy take your business to the next level!

You are ready for some serious scaling! You can’t do it all and you need to scale your team, automate your systems and processes and go faster!  You are now at the stage where you are looking for new streams of revenue and new product opportunities to help you scale fast!


The Productpreneurs® Success Path



Every month a new masterclass module is released.  All the content is structured around the Success Path to stop you from overwhelm, these will be delivered by myself or my trusted retail business partner experts and will include video or live training, workbooks, tools and templates.

These will then go into the library of courses and resources so that you can refer back to them anytime you like whilst you are a member.

When the membership kicks off on 1st September 2020, you get instant access to the first module ‘Find your Ideal Customers’ to get you started along with an exciting starter bundle of templates, including the 'Metrics Monday' excel template designed especially for the membership and to help you keep your goals on track.

Monthly Retail Marketing Calendar.

Every month you get a marketing calendar packed with tips and ideas for your content.  There will be a weekly accountability thread in the group to help you achieve your retail marketing goals and keep track of your metrics!

September's content calendar is awesome and has been given a lot of thought around putting the customer at the heart of your business as you prepare to navigate the “new normal.” You don’t want to miss it!

Monthly Group Mentoring Calls

Every month you get a group mentoring call where we take a deep dive into the monthly modules. You’ll have the opportunity to ask anything that you need help on on these mentoring calls.  My desire for all members is that they never get left in the dark wondering about anything in their business whilst they are working on the monthly masterclasses with my “there is no such thing as a silly question moto!

Private Facebook and Instagram Community

Our private community Facebook group is where all the day-to-day conversations happen.  You can network and get to know and support your fellow productpreneurs® . Each week we share our goals and our wins to help keep each other motivated and accountable. We have a community over competition moto, so everyone is encouraged to work together and share experiences.

We will also have a dedicated private Instagram especially for the members too!

All the materials and training videos are hosted in a specially designed members area online, so you have everything in one place!

Mastermind Pods

Networking and connecting with like-minded business owners is one of the most powerful things we can do as business owners.  The ideas, light-bulb moments, collaborations and opportunities that are born as a result are invaluable and can really help shape your business. This great feature allows you to group up with other members that are at a similar stage journey as you so that you can co-work together, mastermind, support one another and build friendships so that you never feel alone in your business.

Members Exclusive Perks

First to hear about new products, launches and offers by The Retail Business Hub

Additional exciting training and masterclasses from my trusted training partners inside the membership.

Why me...

Hi, I'm Ami. Founder of The Retail Business Hub where I love helping small businesses start, grow and scale.

I've spent 20 years as a retail buyer working for some of the biggest names on the high street like M&S, Next and Tesco. During my time I have been responsible for multi-million pound budgets, launched 1000’s of products and have built sourcing and product strategies which in turn have grown market share and most importantly, grown revenue and profits.

Since leaving my corporate career, I have been on my own entrepreneurial journey, building my very own niche fashion brand, Designer Studio London.

My mission through my membership is to inspire, empower and educate fellow productpreneurs® with BIG business skills needed to build a successful brand.

Sounds great - What's the Price?

Yearly Membership £260
(2 months FREE)

Monthly £26 Per month


How does the membership work?

The Productpreneurs® Hub is a monthly membership where each month you’re a member you unlock a brand new lesson structured around the success path.  Each month has a different theme with unique masterclasses and resources that you’ll go through with the community.  Once you’ve unlocked a month of content, you keep access to it, so you can revisit it whenever you like as long as you are a member.


Are all the lessons online or is anything in person?

Everything is based online and is completely virtual! The course and masterclasses are a mixture of pre-recorded video training and live-stream content.  They will be delivered by myself or my carefully selected guest expert depending on the monthly theme/subject.


I haven’t started my product business yet, is this right for me?

Absolutely, the workbooks for each month have various different actions in them depending on where you are in your journey for that subject.  The content has been designed to cater for all, whether you are starting, growing or scaling. Sometimes even businesses who have been trading for some time need to go back to basics and put the foundations in place in a certain area before they can go any further, so you decide where you want to start – you are completely in control of your journey on the success path.


If I want to leave the membership, how easy is it to cancel?

There is no tie in or long-winded contract to worry about.  If you change your mind you are welcome to cancel your membership at any time in the members area of your website and your membership will expire at the end of your billing period (e.g. that month for those who pay monthly and at the end of the calendar year for those who pay annually)

What If I miss a module/course? Can I catch up?

Yes, every module, course or masterclass will be available for you on your membership site and as long as you are a member you will be able to refer back to them anytime.

Life is about to get busy, I’m wondering if I should wait until the next time you open your membership?

If you join now you will lock in the price of just £26 per month for the lifetime of your membership as long as you don’t leave!  The next time the doors open, the price will have increased.


How long will I have to complete the courses?

I release a module at the beginning of each month and you can work through it in your own pace through the month. You can attend the additional monthly coaching calls or the bi-weekly Q&A calls should you require additional support


Do I get one-to-one access to Ami?

If you would like additional one-to-one support from me then the VIP membership option is for you. You get all the standard benefits of the membership, plus an additional 60 minute zoom call every month to help you laser focus on your specific business goals to help keep you accountable. The price for this is £147 per month and is by invite only. Please contact me directly if you would be interested in this option.

If you decide on the standard membership, then you'll have plenty of opportunities to ask me questions in the fortnightly Q&A calls.  No one-to-one access is available in the standard membership.  All questions should be asked in the scheduled mentoring calls or in the community group.