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Power Hour £147

Do you have a burning question or a problem in a specific area of your business? If you are feeling stuck on something and its blurring your path ahead then a power hour is a good place to start.  You’ll leave our 60 minuites together feeling inspired and motivated with some clear next steps to move forward.


One Month Intensive £1297

Are you ready to sort out your product retail business once and for all?  Have you been digging, searching, googling to try to find a solution, but you are getting nowhere fast?                                                                        Let’s talk and get to know each other.



Online Courses

If you are ready to sell your products to retailers, our signature program Scale with Wholesale® could be just be for you.  with various accessible options starting from £99 per month for 12 month membership.  


Join Our FREE Facebook Community

Not ready to talk yet? Feel free to join our FREE Facebook community where you can mingle with fellow Productpreneurs® where you will join others on the same journey. 

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